Parking Brake Truck Lock 7351/741-R

Help reduce truck theft by installing this parking brake lock.

We highly recommend War-Lok Locks for better security.


Parking Brake Truck Lock 741-R


$ 57.67

The Parking Brake Lock is made of an aluminum body and integrated locking mechanisms.

After adjusting the set-screws, simply place each half of the aluminum body around the brake valve knob and depress the lock cylinder to secure the lock.

The universal design fits most trucks, including those with large knobs and curved dashboards.

Also available custom keyed-alike format.


5" O.D. x 3-3/4" H. 2 lbs., 12 oz. Includes a yellow flag to remind drivers when lock is on

Pricing and Ordering

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$ 74.67 each$ 67.19 each$ 61.63 each$ 57.44 each$ 54.19 eachContact Us

Custom Keyed-Alike Parking Brake Truck Lock 741-R-C

1-45-1011-2021-3940-79QuantityOrder Now!
$ 57.67 each$ 51.90 each$ 47.61 each$ 44.36 each$ 41.85 each

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