TransBolt™ I Bolt Seal 316-R & TransBolt™ II Bolt Seal 317-R

A strong and compact answer to your security needs

TransBolt™ I Bolt Seal 316-R & TransBolt™ II Bolt Seal 317-R

316-R & 317-R

J. J. Keller's SnapTracker™ Bolt Security Seals are C-TPAT compliant and meet or exceed ISO 17712 requirements for tensile, shear, bending and impact strength.

Tamper-resistant and easy-to-use, these seals are truly irreversible and can only be removed with large bolt cutters.

TransBolt™ I Bolt Seal 316-R & TransBolt™ II Bolt Seal 317-R seals feature a compact design that's perfect for use with just about any transport trailer or container. And with two sizes to choose from, it's easy to meet the level of safeguarding your company desires.

Requires 2,700 (Transbolt I) and 2,925 (Transolt II) pounds of pull-apart strength to disengage.

Available in 2 high pulling load capacity

Note: Stock seals must be purchased in increments/multiples of 100.


  • Exceptional strength
  • Solid steel pin and inner core
  • High pulling load
    • TransBolt™ I Bolt Seal - over 1 ton
    • Transbolt™ II Bolt Seal - over 1.3 tons
  • Compact size
  • Steel locking mechanism housed in a multi-layer plastic structure
  • Encapsulated identity markings
    • Markings are readable through a plastic transparent magnifying window, making alteration or substitution nearly impossible without obvious damage to the seal
  • ABS plastic casing
  • No tools required ... just snap the pin into the barrel

NOTE: Stock seals must be purchased in increments of 100.

Pricing and Ordering

Product100-499500-9991,000-2,9993,000-4,9995,000 or moreQuantityOrder Now!
TransBolt™ I 316-R$ 1.84 each$ 1.63 each$ 1.39 each$ 1.18 each$ 0.98 each
TransBolt™ II 317-R$ 2.04 each$ 1.82 each$ 1.57 each$ 1.33 each$ 1.12 each

Can be used for:

  • Railcars
  • Container Door Latches
  • Trailer Doors
  • Shipping Containers


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