CSA for Commercial Motor Vehicle Fleets Manual 197-M/197-M

Your complete guide to Comprehensive Safety Analysis (CSA) 2010, successful roadside inspections, and positive safety evaluations.

CSA for Commercial Motor Vehicle Fleets Manual 197-M



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CSA for Commercial Motor Vehicle Fleets Manual 197-M/197-M, a brand-new manual is your complete guide to the new CSA initiative. Roadside inspections, safety evaluations, interventions and self-audits are thoroughly covered, including helpful tools, best practices, the regulations, and inspection procedures.

Designed for all for-hire carriers and private fleets, this comprehensive manual will provide you with the critical information you need to operate successfully under FMCSA's new enforcement initiative, CSA. With 800+ pages of easy-to-understand material at your fingertips, you'll be able to get all of your CSA questions answered, including the following:

  • How your company's safety data is being collected, measured, and evaluated under CSA
  • What the new out-of-service criteria are
  • What the seven Behavioral Analysis Safety Improvement Categories (BASICs) are and how they affect your safety ranking
  • How to perform a self-audit using the new Safety Measurement System (SMS)
  • What driver information will be available to you
  • How the FMCSA will intervene if you have a poor safety ranking

Loose-leaf, 3-ring bound. 800+ pages
ISBN 978-1-60287-706-1


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Carrier Measurement: Driver FitnessPDF icon140KB
What Triggers an Intervention?PDF icon56KB
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