Truck Spill Kits (Oil-Only, Hazmat, Universal & Earth-Friendly)

Truck Spill Kits (Oil-Only, Hazmat, Universal & Earth-Friendly)

Ideal for cleaning up a variety of spills, including fuel oil, gasoline, antifreeze, brake fluid, gear box oil, hydraulic fluid, and more.

Store J. J. Keller's Truck Spill Kit behind your drivers' seats or wherever your trucks are parked or repaired.

Our Truck Spill Kits are available in a variety of formats so you can choose the one that's right for you.

Spill control and emergency response personnel must verify the suitability of these clean-up materials before using.

Pricing and Ordering

Product1-34-1112 or moreQuantityOrder Now!
Oil-Only (White) Deluxe Truck Spill Kits 8322/744-RD$ 143.93 each$ 137.28 each$ 129.69 each
Oil-Only (White) Regular Truck Spill Kits 8321/744-R
$ 106.13 each$ 98.79 each$ 93.45 each
Hazmat (Yellow) Deluxe Truck Spill Kits 8320/734-RD$ 150.21 each$ 143.06 each$ 136.70 each
Hazmat (Yellow) Regular Truck Spill Kits 7261/734-R$ 115.78 each$ 108.94 each$ 102.71 each
Universal (Gray) Deluxe Truck Spill Kits 14999/754-RD$ 147.00 each$ 140.15 each$ 133.94 each
Universal (Gray) Regular Truck Spill Kits 14998/754-R$ 110.88 each$ 103.95 each$ 97.84 each
Earth-Friendly (Gray) Deluxe Truck Spill Kits 15001/764-RD$ 141.30 each$ 134.74 each$ 128.76 each
Earth-Friendly (Gray) Regular Truck Spill Kits 15000/764-R$ 103.07 each$ 96.63 each$ 90.96 each

Oil-Only (White) - Used for hydrocarbon (oil) based liquid spills. Oil-Only sorbents repel water but pick up fuel, brake fluid, hydraulic fluid, and other oil-based liquids. Pick up the oil, not the water. Designed for typical truck/tractor fluid spills and leaks. Capable of absorbing up to 12 gallons of liquid.

Hazmat (Yellow) - Used for corrosive and aggressive liquid spills. Yellow color alerts others that there is a dangerous spill being cleaned up. Designed for dangerous hazmat spill clean-up. Capable of absorbing up to 12 gallons of liquid.

Universal (Gray) - Multi-purpose sorbent used for the widest variety of spills including oil, solvents, and other non-aggressive liquid spills. Designed to handle a variety of spills. Capable of absorbing up to 12 gallons of liquid.

Earth-Friendly LogoEarth-Friendly Universal (Gray) - Used for a variety of non-aggressive liquid spills. Earth-friendly ColdForm™ sorbents are made in the USA from renewable organic and recycled materials. Sorbent pads feature SPILLOCK™, a solidifying agent that helps prevent liquids from dripping off the sorbent pad for less mess. Provide 20% - 40% more absorption capacity than traditional polyethylene sorbents. Designed to handle a variety of spills. Capable of absorbing up to 14.5 gallons of liquid. The lowest price sorbent type that J. J. Keller offers to help you save money and the environment.

Standard/Regular Truck Spill Kits Include:

  • (3) 3" x 4' sorbent socks
  • (20) 16" x 20" sorbent pads
  • (1) Temporary disposal bag
  • (1) Pair Nitrile gloves
  • (1) Pair of clear spill clean-up goggles with perforated venting (meets CSA Z94.3-99 Standards)
  • (1) Emergency Response Guidebook (4" x 5-1/4")
  • (1) Clear zippered storage bag

Deluxe Truck Spill Kits include all of the above plus:

  • (1) Pair Norfoil gloves
  • (1) Pair of light green spill clean-up goggles with UV absorbing polycarbonate lens and indirect vented flexible PVC body (meets ANSI Z87.1-2003 and CAN/CSA Z94.3 Standards)
  • (1) Orange mesh safety vest
  • (1) Yellow nylon 25" x 18" carrying bag for high visibility and convenient storage and transport

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