KellerSCAN® Daily Log Fold-Up Laminated Charts 801-FW-L

Folds to 12" x 12" for Portability



Not Available

KellerSCAN® Daily Log Fold-Up Laminated Chart 801-FW-L is designed for maximum portability of  601-L KellerSCAN® Daily Log. The design of this chart makes it easy to carry anywhere it is needed. 

The chart is made of laminated paper with four eyelets for temporary mounting.

The chart comes with some freebies such as a marker, an eraser, an oversized log ruler, and a re-sealable bag.


  • 36"W x 24"L
  • Made of Laminated paper


Includes the following:

  • marker
  • eraser
  • oversized log ruler
  • reseasable bag

Pricing and Ordering

1-5 charts6 or more chartsQuantityOrder Now!
$ 53.88 each$ 45.32 each

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